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We are proud of the way we do business at Piece of the Past in regards to authenticity, after all we have been in business now thirty years and as such are one of the ten longest run autograph businesses in the USA.

In that time, we have not had ONE single complaint filed against us with the UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club) whereas MOST dealers say they haven’t had one UNRESOLVED complaint, we have actually had NONE.

Considering the millions of dollars of merchandise we have sold in the past years, this is quite an achievement and one we strive towards in a few ways… One by specializing. We do NOT sell sports, historical and all fields of autographs. In addition to entertainment, we SPECIALIZE in ONLY entertainment and have done so for all of these years. NO OTHER autograph firm exists with 30 years specializing in only entertainment autographs.

Secondly in the case of the modern signed images we offer, 99% are witnessed by someone in THIS firm. Of those, we have conducted more private signings than ANY other firm on the planet – by FAR. In fact in one year alone we did over 400 private signings where the closest firm to us did 35. One way this was possible was that I owned the famed Hollywood Show for years before that (21). I was the largest dealer set up at that show enabling me to make contact with over 100 celebrities six times a year! For four years I owned the show bringing in such names as Cloris Leachman, George Hamilton, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Falk, Peter Graves, Shannon Doherty, Roseanna Arquette, the entire cast of Back to the Future including Michael J. Fox, the cast of Terminator, ALL of the Jasons from the horror films, Billy Zane, Joan Collins, Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden and on and on. Although I sold this show a year ago and it is not run the same way I ran it today, I am still the largest autograph dealer at the show and still arrange private signings for me and other companies. In addition we do signings NO ONE ELSE has ever done from Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn to Burt Reynolds, Ricardo Montalban, Sophia Loren, Paul Newman and more.

In the case of vintage items, we nor any other dealer saw being signed our COA is recognized as the expert in my field that I am in determining authenticity as proven in court more than once. In fact, I am a court certified expert in this field. Only TWO other dealers can claim that currently and I have been given awards from the Smithsonian and National Archives for helping them which only one other dealer can claim.

Then there are the five different publishers who have published a dozen books I’ve written in the field that have sold worldwide (No other dealer has written more than two with the exception of the late great autograph Dean Charles Hamilton). In addition, for 15 years and four editions, I wrote the Official Price Guide to Autographs used in the field today. I was a contributing editor for Pop Culture Magazine, Autograph Magazine and Autograph Quarterly Magazine (the last of which is the only one in print today) I even authored the long running column “Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries” for Autograph Magazine and Collectors Universe. The owners of PSA DNA paid ME for MY entertainment exemplars for use on THEIR paid site for years.

Can I make a mistake in authenticity ? Surely I have – the sheer number of items I have handled would make one assume so, but like a good doctor you want someone who specializes in what you collect and is LESS likely to make mistakes which comes with experience.

I was the ONLY dealer to do Home shopping television with my own show called “Showbiz Collectibles” for six years during which time AGAIN I had NO returns or complaints worldwide. EVERY dealer in the field has seen my inventory at shows (almost NO other dealer sets up at shows with their inventories) every dealer watched at one time or the other my shows on TV we are transparent and have been for years so when a dealer who is merely a competitor tries to run us down which happens in a trying economy such as ours or because they have an axe to grind like the large auction house who sold my STOLEN collection at their auction and who I have personally had to get refunds on more than one item I purchased from them…the point is they have a reason not only jealousy for the remarks

Unfortunately the market has CHANGED. Less than ten years ago while we were already in business over twenty years a scandal rocked not MY industry but the sports world. Because of the fear that justifiably existed in that field “third party” opinion companies sprang up making money off that fear.

Here’s the catch though – they DON’T stand up in court – as has been proven time and again they merely give you a refund of your opinion fee and you are stuck with a bad item that you purchased because THEY said it was “likely” good WORSE still you passed on a real item they deemed was “likely” bad in their OPINION and NO ONE hand signs these letters (if they did a dealer could sue them) and they won’t even tell you who looked at your item. They are selling AIR – nothing really when you get right down to it.

I, on the other hand, HAND SIGN (per several state laws such as New York) my Certificates GUARANTEEING the item for the Life of the piece to be real or you get ALL your money back if it is proven not to be.

So while our auctions have had things with third party stickers it is only because they were consigned to us that way or we had them stickered along the way because I myself have been asked several THOUSAND times to view items for them and render my own opinion. Just as I helped EBay police their site with their head of fraud for four years but they no longer do that and he was terminated which is why so many forged items exist on the site today.

TRUST is what you have in a firm such as mine so sit back relax and enjoy the hobby BUT if your intention is to try and buy something from ANY dealer and have ALL the inexperience third party opinionators agree on its merits, you will like so many before you grow frustrated and eventually quit the hobby in fact EBay and these opinionators have been both the greatest boon and the worse problem in our field today meaning they may have started with the best of intentions but they ended up causing far more harm than good in the process.

Of course… this is all my opinion.

Happy Collecting

Kevin Martin/CEO

Piece of the Past Inc

Star Wares Inc

Celebrity Connection Inc

The Autograph King Inc

PS We are one of the largest BUYERS in the field today so if you want the TOP price paid quickly – discreetly – in CASH send us your items NOW ! (Attention – Runners with good track results in the in person field we would love to add you to our always growing family we will out pay ANY other dealer).

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